No Federally mandated Leave Benefit is as COMPLEX and DIFFICULT to manage as the Family Medical Leave Act. Add State mandated benefits, and the job is overwhelming. ATOMS gives you the tools to assure compliance, while reducing the time spent on tracking and leave administration.

In a single year over $200 billion will be spent on absenteeism in North America. ATOMS helps employers reduce this by simplifying leave requests, automating the workflow and providing the employer with the tools to track and manage absences. A typical installation would see an employer save one day per employee per year.

To appreciate the significance of the return on your investment in ATOMS, you first must understand the cost of absences in your organization. The truth is, most companies have no idea what the true cost of absences is.

ATOMS workforce management tools drive productivity gains by helping you make sure that your fully trained and productive workers are on the job and performing at their best. Here are just some of the ways that ATOMS can reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase productivity in your organization.

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