A median unschedule absence rate of 2% may not sound like much of a problem, but consider that in a company with just over 100 employees, two percent absenteeism equals two FTEs or 500 workdays. Add to the direct cost of those two FTEs, the cost of replacement workers, lost productivity, and the impact on both employee morale and customer satisfaction and the costs are staggering. Over $200 billion a year is spent on absenteeism for North American employers.

Absence management surveys often only measure direct payroll costs for paid, and unproductive time. The high cost of absenteeism hurts organizations even more when other costs, such as lost productivity, morale and temporary labor costs, are considered.

What may be of most concern to employers is that almost two out of three employees who fail to show up for work arenít physically ill. Personal Illness accounts for only 35 percent of unscheduled absences, while 65 percent of absences are due to other reasons, including Family Issues (21 percent), Personal Needs (18 percent), Entitlement Mentality (14 percent) and Stress (12 percent).

ATOMS Workforce Management Solution contains Management tools that helps you reduce the cost of Absenteeism.

Simplified leave requests:

Leave requests are submitted by the employee, via call centre, or the supervisor electronically with email notification. ATOMS allows for:

  • Event Types specific to affiliations
  • Event types grouped into categories for easy reporting
  • Ability to specify indirect costs per event type

Automated Workflow Authorizations:

Email Notification is sent to the employee on request and approval if submitted by the employee, and approval only if the event is submitted by the supervisor.
The process moves from event entry to Validation of Request (Employee schedule, time bank, etc) which provides a (System provides validation number).

Leave Administration:

Leave requests can be submitted via the employee self-serve for approval by the supervisors. Multi-level approvals are also available based on corporate policy. In addition, Leave requests may be entered on behalf of an employee by a corporate call center, Human Resources or the employee's supervisor. Before approval is given the system ensures that an employee has sufficient time in their leave bank, and that leave hours requested do not exceed scheduled hours. Supervisor also has the ability to add follow up items that require his/her attention for that leave request. In addition, the supervisor can visualize on the same screen who else within the department is already scheduled to be away for the time period requested.

ATOMS allows:

  • Requests to be displayed by either date received or seniority with approval context
  • The ability to see all outstanding or approved leave requests for supervisor's department when approving a leave request.
  • Event Types specific to Affiliations
  • Event Types grouped into categories for easy reporting
  • Ability to specify indirect costs per event type

Leave Policy Administration.:

The solution will manage a corporation's absenteeism policy and automatically notify supervisors of employees who have broken the policy rules. In addition the Workforce Management Solution will indicate the action required and the timeframe in which it must be accomplished. Human Resources are copied on all correspondence generated by the system. ATOMS allows for:

  • Automaton of corporation's absence management policy
  • Flexible rule definition
  • Rule regeneration
  • Ability to specify rules for an entire EE group or for a specific employee and specific event types over a specified date range
  • Immediate E-Mail Notification (Supervisor & HR) when a policy rule has been broken
  • Actionable list Follow-up actions on each supervisor home page with required completion dates.

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