ATOMS Workforce Management Solution will provide small to large organizations with the ability to manage FMLA without the assistance of third parties. ATOMS key selling point is its automation of the tasks associated with FMLA requests.

Below are some of the key points associated with the FMLA Module:

  • Web-based employee self-serve and human resources management function;
  • Automatic determination of an employee's eligibility for FMLA leave, by jurisdiction, as well as which leave types an employee may request as part of any FMLA leave request;
  • Simple intermittent leave request and handling;
  • Automated workflow and document management relating to employee FMLA leave requests, including medical certification Automatic creation, crediting and replenishment of employee FMLA time banks;
  • Easily specify, by jurisdiction leave types;
  • leave entitlement and usage periods; time banks;
  • eligibility criteria (including seniority and net hours); and, exempt employees.
  • Easily specify which sources of paid accrued time that an employee may/must use against any FMLA leave;
  • Unlimited number of FMLA administrators to manage and authorize employee FMLA leave requests;
  • Robust reporting system with detailed drill-down and summary reports relating to employee FMLA leave and associated time banks;

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