To appreciate the significance of the return on your investment in ATOMS, you first must understand the cost of absences in your organization. The truth is, most companies have no idea what the true cost of absences is. We know that the total cost of any absence could include: the employee's direct cost including benefit costs, replacement staff and lost productivity. There are often other indirect costs which are difficult to quantify. For example the quality of a companies product(s) may be reduced or service levels can decrease due to poorly trained replacement workers or existing staff stretched too thin.

Indirect cost estimates vary widely by industry, but different studies indicate that a reasonable number would be 1.3 times the fully loaded wage (Direct Costs). If you take the Direct costs and the Indirect Costs for all absences, excluding Vacation time and other similar types of leave, the total absence costs for an organization can be significant.

There are three seperate ROI Calculators. One short term (one year) calculator, and two long term (Five years) calculators.

* Requires JAVA virtual machine.
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